My interest in formal photography goes back to my college days when our SLRs used film. Yup, I had to develop and print my own film and prints with a lot of chemicals. Over the years I have combined skills and techniques gathered from classes with seasoned pros and molded them into my own special style of photography. And it is always evolving.

A lifetime of passion for horses and the technical aspects of riding has afforded me a unique knowledge of movement and timing that allows me to capture a horse and rider at their best. I was a credentialed photographer at the Rolex 3 Day Event in Lexington, KY in 2014 and 2015.

Shooting with some of the best fine art photographers has afforded me insight into how to make stunning fine art quality photos.

“It’s about finding the light.”

Whether shooting a landscape, animal or portrait, “it’s about finding the light”. Light makes all the difference. Subjects can look completely different with just small changes in light. Capturing them in the right light is the difference between average and extraordinary photography.

My photographic specialties include: 

  • Horse Shows and other equine events 
  • Animals of all shapes and sizes and in all kinds of settings 
  • Landscapes and city scapes 
  • Portraits and parties.